Food delivery in Jelgava


Want to enjoy a nice dinner or lunch at home, at work, in a hotel, park or on the go? Order food directly from the best food delivery and takeaway restaurants in Jelgava, Ēst - offers you a wide array of restaurant choices located nearby – pizza, sushi, burgers, kebab, Chinese and fusion.


Order food online from anywhere in Jelgava in 3 simple steps:


1. Choose your location

2. See the closest food delivery and takeaway restaurants and choose the food you want to enjoy – sushi, pizza, kebab, burger, Chinese or any other preference

3. Order your chosen meal and pay online or at the time of delivery and enjoy your meal!

Visit Ēst - online and discover the comfort of food delivery in Jelgava - your preferred tasty food choices made by your local restaurants delivered to you wherever and whenever.


Food delivery in Jelgava 


Is the weather horrible? And is your fridge empty? That's okay! The solution is simple. Simply order takeaway online

Our site features various takeaway restaurants in Jelgava. To discover which restaurants deliver to your neighbourhood, fill out your adress. 

Order takeaway online Jelgava: It's simpler and quicker What are you in the mood for today? You can pick from numerous international cuisines and restaurants in Jelgava. 

Are you a fan of Spanish dishes? Or perhaps you favour Chinese cuisine? Whatever you would like to eat tonight, order takeaway online! 

It's very easy to order your takeaway online, so you no longer need to order takeaway by telephone. Actually, some prefer ordering their food online. It's simple, safe and quick to order takeaway online! When you order takeaway online there is no time pressure, you can read the restaurant's menu for as long as you want!

Order takeaway online Jelgava: Pay online with bank card

Is your stomach rumbling? Yes? Perfect! Get behind your computer and check out our website. When you fill out your adress, a long list of takeaway restaurants will pop up. These takeaway restaurants deliver to your area. You can now choose a restaurant, and view their menu for as long as you want. Quite handy, don't you think? 

These days paying online is quick and secure. Which is great if you don't have much cash! Just use your credit card or PayPal account to pay for that delicious Thai green curry or that yummy Italian pizza you just purchased on our site. 

All you have to do is order online! The restaurant will take care of the rest. Simply sit back and put your feet up.


Wide range of choice for food delivery in Jelgava


Sushi delivery in Jelgava

Ē offers you the option of ordering sushi from different sushi restaurants in Jelgava. Usually the most popular sushi types are the various types of Maki- from the simple Maki to the most sophisticated and exotic sushi Maki.

Check out Ēst - sushi restaurants that offer sushi delivery in Jelgava.


Pizza delivery in Jelgava

Everybody loves Pizza in Jelgava! And you? Sounds good? And that’s not all – you can choose between the original Italian pizzas as well as the very creative pizzas or even some of the restaurants offering you the choice of creating your own pizza. Besides that, most of the pizzerias in Jelgava offer also salads, drinks and some snacks. Some pizza delivery restaurants in Jelgava offer several pizza sizes to choose from.

Choose one of the best delivery of pizza restaurants in Jelgava!


Kebab delivery in Jelgava

Kebab – originally from the Middle East – this food has become very popular around the world and it has many variations; from Donner Kebab, Shawarma or Gyros to kebab known as Shaslik, brochette or Souvlaki. You can find different kinds of kebab in Russian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Iranian, Greek, Indian, Turkish and even Latvian cuisines. Order your favorite kebab with delivery in Jelgava.

Choose between different types of kebabs! Kebab delivery in Jelgava.


National Latvian cuisine

Latvia’s history goes back to the 2nd century CE. The Latvians were the first to settle around the Daugava growing the settlement into a hub of Viking trades in the middle ages. Latvia became the place that we know today under the ruling of German merchants. 

Latvia has been an attractive city to many nations. This is the reason why through the centuries many different rulers and visitors have lived here. As such, the national Latvian cuisine was also affected and transformed. Consequently, the influences of German, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Lithuanian cuisines in Latvian cuisine are quite evident.

Want to try some authentic Latvian cuisine? Here is the answer - Latvian food delivery in Jelgava!


Food delivery in Jelgava – order via your smartphone

Download the Ēst - mobile app for Android or iOS to order to order your favorite food with the option of delivery in Jelgava. You will love this application since you can order your lunch or dinner on the go or get it delivered as soon as you reach your home, hotel, work or any other places you would like to receive your meal!

You can also order your meal and pick it up yourself – by using takeaway service provided by every restaurant on Ēst -

Enjoy your next meal with Ēst -!


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