Chinese cuisine


Do you want to try tastiest chinese food without leaving your house? Est - made it possible! From the baked seafood to the famous Chinese rolls - everything could be found in our website! The best Chinese restaurants in Riga are already joined us!

What do you prefer? Duck with the sweet and sour sauce,  shrimps with the rice noodles? Yes!

If you love chinese cuisine, find your favourite restaurant in our list!

Order from Est - in three steps: find your beloved Chinese restaurant, order the dish and wait till it be sent directly to you. Download our app for Android and IOS and make your orders faster!

Doing overtime at work and absolutely no motivation to make dinner at home later? You don’t need to! Just check out the list of the restaurants in our website and choose your favourite. You can also order Chinese food and eat it at the office. Chinese cuisine has become so popular in Latvia that’s  it’s food is one of the most ordered in the country!

So we are here to provide the best and most convenient service for ordering your favourite dish!


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